Difference Between Apple IPad 2 And Amazon Kindle

Difference Between Apple IPad 2 And Amazon Kindle
Difference Between Apple IPad 2 And Amazon Kindle

Video: Difference Between Apple IPad 2 And Amazon Kindle

Video: Difference Between Apple IPad 2 And Amazon Kindle
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Apple iPad 2 vs Amazon Kindle

Apple iPad 2 and Amazon Kindle are two innovative devices. While both are popular, iPad 2 has more functionality than Kindle. Kindle is a portable eBook reader from the number one online bookstore Amazon.com. Kindle, that was popular when it was first introduced in November 2007 is now facing a threat from iPad and other tablets. Even when iPad was launched in January 2010, everyone new that this amazing tablet from Apple will eat into the market of e-book readers, and now with the launch of iPad 2 with enhanced performance and improved features, it is only a matter of time when devices like Kindle will fade away into oblivion. However, the Kindle software will remain popular and is available in many devices and many operating systems support Kindle including Android, Microsoft Windows, Windows Phone 7, Mac OS X (10.5 onwards), iOS and BlackBerry. Let us see how the two devices stack up when compared feature to feature.

Apple iPad 2

Apple has always been a harbinger of new technologies and innovations. Apple’s iPad, which was launched with much fanfare in 2010, was no exception and it exceeded people’s expectations in some aspects and features. After one year, Apple has again come up with an improved version of iPad, known as iPad 2. This tablet is really a marvel of latest technology and is loaded with features. It is not only thinner and lighter than iPad, but also gives an improved and faster performance because of 1GHz Dual core A9 application processor. iPad 2 is twice as faster then iPad and 9 times better on graphics despite using the same power as iPad. It has a huge 9.7” LCD display at a resolution of 1024X768 pixels and can be used for 10 hours continuously. The IPS technology used in the display allows 178° viewing angle, which is very convenient for reading.

iPad 2 is equipped with dual cameras, the rear camera with the ability to record HD videos in 720p and also a front camera for video conferencing while there was no camera in iPad at all. There are new features such as software called PhotoBooth, HDMI capability and Garageband that transforms this stunning device into a great source of music. iPad 2 is available in 2 different models having a capacity of 16 GB, 32 GB and 64 GB. While 16 GB Wi-Fi only model is available at $459, the 64 GB Wi-Fi+ 3G model is priced at $829.

The operating system which is iOS 4.3 is packed with new features and supports more capabilities and the performance of Safari browser is much more improved in iPad 2. Loading of pages takes only half the time it took on iPad.


Among e-book readers, Kindle has been reigning supreme for the last many years and the biggest threat to Kindle has come in the form of Apple’s iPad. But kindle is much more than a e-reader as it has wireless connectivity to let users shop, download, browse and read not only books but also newspapers, magazines, and other content. It effectively simulates reading on paper with 16 shades of grey and minimum of power consumption. The latest in line is Kindle 3 which has a superior display of content making it very easy and convenient for the readers.

To compare Kindle with a stunning device like iPad 2 would be an injustice to Apple’s innovative gadget loaded with features but even if we were to compare the two gadgets with reference to their e-reading capabilities, iPad 2 scores heavily in comparison.

If we take price into consideration, Kindle is available from $259 to $489, whereas iPad ranges from $499 to $829. This means that Kindle has an edge for the price conscious customers.

As far as display is concerned, while the screen size of both the devices stands at 9.7”, there is a huge difference as iPad makes use of color IPS LCD display while Kindle uses ‘16 level gray E-ink display’. The screen resolution of iPad 2 is 1024×768 with a pixel density of 132 ppi, whereas Kindle 2 has a mere 800×600 pixels resolution, while the DX model has a better resolution of 1200X824 with a pixel density of 150 ppi.

In terms of storage capacity, iPad 2 wins easily with two models having capacity of 16 GB, 32 GB and 64 GB available while Kindle 2 stands at 2 GB and Kindle DX has 4 GB capacity only.

While both support music play, iPad also supports video playback which is not there in Kindle.

As far as connectivity is concerned, Kindle outscores iPad with CDMAEV-DO and HSDPA connectivity worldwide, whereas iPad is limited to US connectivity through GSM and HSPDA.

Though iPad 2 is higher priced, it also makes available more functions such as downloading books from Apple’s new iBookstore, surfing the web and playing videos and games.

iPad suffers on account of its weight which is twice as heavy as Kindle and also on account of battery where Kindle wins easily.

The users who have read both on Kindle and iPad say that the difference in reading experience is the difference between daylight and dark, which pretty much sums up the issue in Apple iPad 2 favor.

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